亚博app下载官网:Banks worldwide using the Swift global financial transaction system havebeen ordered to install an urgent software upgrade as cyber security expertswarned of a repeat of February’s raid on the Bangladesh central bank, one ofthe biggest bank robberies in history. 世界各地用于环球银行金融电信协会(SWIFT)缴纳网络的银行被拒绝展开一次应急软件升级。网络安全专家警告称之为,史上仅次于的银行抢劫案之一、2月份针对孟加拉国央行的反击有可能重演。 Swift, which has about 11,000 bank members, said yesterday that it hadordered clients using its Alliance Access interface software to install amandatory upgrade after attackers “successfully compromised the banks’ ownenvironments” in order to send messages. 享有约1.1万银行会员的SWIFT昨日回应,已命令用于其AllianceAccess模块软件的客户加装一个强制性升级,此前攻击者“顺利严重威胁银行自身运营环境”,以发送到指令。

Meanwhile, FireEye a cyber security group hired for the probe in Dhaka,said that it had “observed activity in other financial services organisations that islikely by the same threat actor behind the cyber attack on Bangladesh Bank”. 同时,聘为调查孟加拉国央行被黑事件的网络安全公司FireEye回应,它早已“在其他金融服务机构仔细观察到了活动,很有可能出自于对孟加拉国央行发动网络攻击的同一个威胁源”。 The FireEye statement, which one person in the cyber security sectorsaid amounted to a warning of a criminal “campaign” targeting banks, followedan admission by Swift on Monday that it was aware of malicious softwaredesigned to prevent banks spotting fraudulent transactions. FireEye做出这一声明之前,SWIFT周一否认,它告诉某种恶意软件目的避免银行察觉到欺诈交易。

网络安全界的一名人士回应,FireEye的声明相等于警告,犯罪分子发动了一波针对银行的攻势。 Swift is a global messaging network used by banks and other financialfirms across the world to send payment instructions and has become a vital partof the global financial architecture. SWIFT是一个全球性的电文传送网络,被世界各地的银行和其他金融机构用来发送到缴纳指令,它已沦为全球金融体系的最重要组成部分。 “Central banks have been looking at cyber crime, first at their bankingsector and more recently with regard to their own websites,” said Nick Carver,publisher of Central Banking Publications. “But real-time gross settlementsystems and Swift are in a different league. Swift is the nervous system ofinternational payments. So central banks will be very concerned by thesefindings.” “各国央行仍然在注目网络犯罪,最初把目光投向其国内的银行业,近来又开始注目自己的网站,”《央行杂志》(Central Banking Publications)出版发行人尼克卡佛(Nick Carver)回应。


” In an audacious weekend raid that sent tremors through the world’s banks, thehackers sent 35 fake orders from Bangladesh Bank via Swift to the central bank’s account atthe Federal Reserve in New York. 在一个周末发动的震惊全球银行业的大胆反击中,黑客冒充孟加拉国央行,通过SWIFT向这家央行在纽约联储(New York Fed)开办的账户发送到了35个骗指令。 The transfers totalled $951m, although the thieves made off with only$81m. They were sent in four batches to accounts in the Philippines after oneSri Lanka order was questioned by a suspicious correspondent bank and the NewYork Fed decided for undisclosed reasons not to process the other 30 orders. 账户总额为9.51亿美元,窃贼出手8100万美元。它们分四笔被开往菲律宾的账户,但是放往斯里兰卡的一笔款项引发一家警惕性较高的代理行明确提出批评,之后纽约联储要求不处置另外30个指令,但没透漏原因。


On Monday the threat research blog of BAE Systems said that it believedthat it had identified custom malware, malicious software, linked to theBangladesh heist. 周一,BAE系统公司(BAESystems)在其威胁研究博客上回应,它坚信自己早已辨识出有了与孟加拉国央行被黑事件涉及的恶意软件。 It appeared to be part of an attack “toolkit”and wouldbe used to cover the attackers’tracks as they sent forged payment instructions. 它或许是一个反击“工具包”的一部分,被用作掩饰攻击者的作案痕迹,使他们需要发送到冒充的缴付指令而不被找到。 BAE researcher Sergei Shevchenko said the malware registered itself as aservice and operated in an environment running Swift’s AllianceAccess software suite, allowing transactions to be deleted and records changed. BAE研究员谢尔盖舍甫琴科亚博App(SergeiShevchenko)回应,该恶意软件把自己注册为一个服务,在运营SWIFT的Alliance Access软件包的环境中活动,使交易可被移除,记录可被更改。